The agenda below is tentative and might be subject to change.

09:00 Door opening
Coffee and Networking
10:00 Welcome Speech
David Butler
10:10 Quitting, “sucking”, and failing your way to a better life
Michael Wolfe
10:30 Culture at Amazee
Dania Gerhardt
10:50 3 x (virtually) broke – and still going
Dorian Selz
11:10 Panel Discussion
Finance & Failure: Investor perspectives
Moderator: Dania Gerhardt
Deep Parekh, Dorian Selz, Daniel Moser, Jan Fülscher, Sébastien Flury
12:00 Lunch
Delicious Food and Networking
13:30 How the Swiss perfectionist ‘syndrome’ leads to a larger fear of failure
Sandrine Szabo
13:40 Balz Roth – The story of a failure, lessons learned
14:00 Failure by Omission
Liam Boogar
14:20 Building a resilient Entrepreneur
Deep Parekh
14:40 Break
Coffee and Networking
15:20 Fail Forward >> Nine Notions of Innovation
William Kanaan
15:40 Failure as necessity for startup ecosystems
Marcus Kuhn
16:00 Panel Discussion
Why failure is a stigma in Switzerland (kickstart a grassroots revolution)
Moderator: Martin Coul
Marcus Kuhn, Michael Wolfe, Liam Boogar, Sandrine Szabo, Jakob Strebel
16:45 Closing Remarks
Agustin Musi / David Butler
16:50 Apéro!

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