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Lead Conference Organizer
Lead Conference Organizer Who is David Butler?

David Butler is a serial networker and social media aficionado. Both David’s strong social presence and his love of testing beta versions of new products coming from Zurich’s many startups, have made him a sought after consultant in many industries.

Having worked on social and humanitarian projects for over 15 years in more than half a dozen countries, on four continents, David has acquired a first hand understanding of global issues and the importance of human interaction. These experiences have given him a wealth of knowledge and insights that allow him to bring a global perspective to the vision and initiatives of the companies and individuals he consults.

In his personal life, David is a family man, snowboarder, and shutterbug.

Conference Organizer
Conference Organizer Who is Agustin Musi?

Agustin sees lives and breathes “the big picture” strategy, entrepreneurship, business models and micro/macro-economics.  Additionally, he is a serial business founder, technology professional focusing on corporate IT and dabbles in organisational management.  A resident of Zurich for 17 years, he is happy to be engaged in projects that continue to challenge, educate, and inspire… through failures and successes.

A passion for Instagram & Podcasts and a desire to spend more time with his family here in Zurich.

Conference Organizer
Conference Organizer Who is Marcus Kuhn?

With an interest in and understanding of both business and technology he is proficient in connecting these two worlds. His educational background is in business (with an M.A. in Strategy and an MBA) but he has always been fascinated with the web and technology in general. Driven to continuously educate himself and learn the inner workings of the web.

In 2010 – still during his studies in Singapore – he founded the startup The product aggregated all of a person’s contacts across emails, phone and social networks and created one unified address book.

Specialties: internet startups, product development, lean startup, team building, leadership, inbound marketing, company strategy, outsourcing, remote development, distributed team

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